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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Sorrowful Mysteries Scriptural Rosary

The Sorrowful Mysteries
Scriptural Rosary

The Sorrowful Mysteries, are commonly said on Tuesday and Friday. The following are excerpts from The Miracle of Love Rosary by Kitty Cleveland. This CD is available from Lynn's Timeless Treasures eBay Store

“As they nailed my hands and feet and pierced my side, I loved you. As I hung in agony and slowly died, I knew you. I died to set you free, to give you life eternally, as they nailed my hands and feet I loved you.”

The First Sorrowful mystery the Agony in the Garden

“After celebrating the liberating story of Passover Jesus now faces his agonizing and violent death. Freedom for his ancestors had been won by the saving gift of the lambs blood and the parting of the Red Sea. Now it shall be won for all by the bloody baptism of the cross. The Garden of Eden was the scene of disobedience to God’s plan, the Garden of Gethsemane brings the same dreadful blissful choice will it be the Father’s way or my way. Jesus shows us how to be obedient unto death, by trusting our very lives to the Father, may we pray with all of our being in the midst of all of our agonies, Father you will not mine be done.”

Read the following passages from Scripture before praying this decade: Mark 14:32-46; and Luke 22:41-44

The Second Sorrowful Mystery, the Scourging at the Pillar

“The ordeal begins with a brutal whipping, a barrage of stinging cutting blows that tear through His flesh, the physical pain is matched with the pain of rejection and jeering ridicule. But instead of the expected curses or cries for mercy, our Savior responds with majestic silence. His answer to evil, the only acceptable answer to evil is unlimited love. Let us never meet violence and hatred with more of the same, but rather patient endurance and forgiveness. And as we model Our Lords submissive love during our own ordeals in life may the power of God be perfected in us.”

Read the following passages from Scripture before praying this decade: Mark 15:1-5; 11-15 and Mark 23:22-24

The Third Sorrowful Mystery, the Crowning with Thorns

“The mocking intensifies as they crown our King with thorns . Jesus does not fit their expectations as a savior so they will kill this blasphemer. What has lead to the point of madness? As Jesus puts it, seeing things as human see, not as God sees. In our humanness we think that humiliation and suffering have no value and should be avoided at all costs, but Our Lord shows us the truth through His patient endurance of these thorns in His flesh. We learn that our suffering is redemptive when we unite it in love with His suffering. We pray for the grace to both accept and overcome the limitations of our human thinking as we seek to know and trust the true wisdom of God.”

Read Mark 15:16-19; and John 19:4-16

The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery, the Carrying of the Cross

“Unless you take up your cross daily and follow me, you cannot be my disciple. We so easily say we believe in Jesus, but when the cross meets us in our daily lives we are often like the original disciples, scandalized by the truth and run for the hills. Human nature resists the cross because it brings death, death to the false self, and to security and control according to our measure. Sacrifice seems like such a harsh invitation. But the word sacrifice means, to make holy. The truth is that our heaviest crosses bring us the closest to Our Lord as we become like Him. Let us accept with joy the peace, whatever our state in life demands of us, duty, routine, self-denial, this is the fruitful cross of our daily walk with Jesus.”

Read Matthew 27:31-40; and Luke 23:27-32

The Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, the Crucifixion and Death

“Jesus was put between two others convicted of capital crimes. One is forever remembered for asking for and receiving the promise of eternal life. He didn’t desire Heaven and neither does anyone else. God’s judgment is different from ours, not all who say, Lord Lord will enter the kingdom but only those who do the will of the Father. As life is not on our terms, neither is death. Let us pray for reverence for all life, including those who have not themselves reverenced it. Father forgive them, they know not what they do.

Read Luke 23:34; 42-46; John 19:26-34; 41-42 and Matthew 27:46

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