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Friday, April 23, 2010

Saint George - April 23 - Patron Saint of Chivalry & Soldiers

Saint George
April 23

Saint George was born in Cappadocia, toward the end of the third century, and raised as a Christian by his Palestinian mother. At the age of 18 Saint George chose the life of a soldier, obtained the favor of the emperor Diocletian and advanced quickly through the ranks first to tribune in the imperial guard and then possibly to prefect.

Around 303 - 304 as Diocletian began to persecute the Christians; Saint George was convicted in his spirit to make public his devotion to Christ, he gave all of his worldly goods to the poor, freed all slaves under his command and was promptly sent to Diocletian's court. Eventually after demonstrating the power of Christ many times to Diocletian, the patience of the emperor ran out and Saint George was beheaded at Lydda, in Palestine.

Saint George serves as the patron of many infirmities, cities, the country of England and patron of chivalry, and soldiers.

Saint George
Apostleship Of Prayer
Fr. James Kubicki, S.J.

O God, the merits and prayers of Your Blessed Martyr George
are a source of happiness for us.
Grant us as a gift of grace the blessings we seek through him.
Almighty God, we humbly ask (make request here)
through the intercession of Saint George
that we may live a life pleasing to You,
and receive the favors we ask, if they are for our good. Amen

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Greek Orthodox Icon Saint George
Saint George and the Dragon -  Raffaello (Raphael) Santi

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