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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

St Francis of Assisi - October 4

Saint Francis
October 4

Saint Francis was born in 1181 at Assisi, Umbria, Italy the son of a wealthy cloth merchant. After a somewhat misspent youth and some military service, Francis had a conversion of the heart. He gave away all his belongings, future inheritance and founded what came to be called the Order of Friars Minor (also known as the Franciscans). During Christmastide of the year 1223 Francis conceived of the idea of creating a living Nativity and is said to be the originator of the Christmas Crèche. Two years before his death, St. Francis received the image of Christ crucified in the stigmata.

What he is most remembered for is his love of animals. It is said that St. Francis was given a lamb as a gift. This lamb followed him everywhere even to church. He taught his lamb to have such piety in the presence of our Lord in the Eucharist that she would bow onto her knees at the moment the Eucharist was elevated.

The Feast of St. Francis brings back wonderful memories of when our children were in grade school. Each year on the Feast of St. Francis they would “actively discuss” whose turn it was to hold Sam’s leash while she received her blessing from Fr. Gary. A hundred or so animals of all kinds would wildly run back and forth across our playground dragging a young child along for the ride. Eventually we would all gather, Father would give a blessing and each child would walk or carry their pet up to be sprinkled with holy water. It was a grand, glorious and rather noisy celebration. Recess later in the day was always exciting when little deposits were discovered scattered across our playground lawn. I also have fond memories of playground duty.


  1. Such Wonderful memories :)

  2. I have been told not to speak – but I woof you too (quietly) Love Love Brandy Beagle