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Friday, September 27, 2013

Saint Vincent de Paul - September 27

Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul
September 27
Patron of Charitable Societies

Saint Vincent was born of poor parents in France about 1580.  His first schooling was under the direction of the Franciscans.  After four years, his achievements caught the eye of a wealthy gentleman who chose St. Vincent as a tutor for his children.  This enabled him to continue his schooling without being a burden on his parents. 

In 1596 he entered the University of Toulouse studying theology and was ordained a priest in 1600.

On a voyage from Marseilles to Narbonne in 1605 he was captured by African pirates and held as a slave in Tunis for two years until by Divine Providence he escaped by way of Rome back to France.  At this time another wealthy man, the Count of Goigny, employed St. Vincent as a tutor for his family. 

By 1617, St. Vincent began to preach in the missions. He founded the Congregation of the Mission also known as the Lazarists and with the help of Saint Louise de Marillac co-founded the Daughters of Charity.  He was a true servant of God, with charity his predominant virtue, which he extended to all classes of people, from children to the elderly.

St. Vincent Pray for Us 

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