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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saint John Capistrano - October 23

Saint John Capistrano Soldier Priest
Saint John of Capistrano 
October 23

Patron Saint of Military Chaplain’s  

Saint John Capistrano was born in the village of  Capistrano  in the mountains of the Abruzzi in central Italy in 1386.  He began his career as a lawyer, but later was placed in prison for political reasons.  It was during his imprisonment that he had a conversion of heart and upon his release became a priest and joined the Franciscans. 

In 1456, on the request of Pope Callixus III, 70 year old Saint John Capistrano organized a crusade against the Turks and led a Christian army that turned back the Turks at Belgrade in 1456, earning him the name “the Soldier Priest.”

Saint John Capistrano died in 1456 of the bubonic plague. 

"Peace is a fundamental right of every man and woman, which should be continuously promoted taking into account that “insofar as men are sinners, the threat of war hands over them and will so continue until the coming of Christ.  Be man and women of peace.  And be so to the full, welcome into your hearts Christ, the Author and Guarantor of True Peace.   He will help you to put force at the service of the important values of life, of justice, of forgiveness and of freedom.” (Blessed Pope Paul II  November 19th 2000)

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Saint John Capistrano - Jose de Paez 

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