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Monday, February 10, 2014

Saint Scholastica - February 10

Saint Scholastica
February 10 

Twin brother and sister Scholastica and Benedict, resided in monasteries a short distance from each other. Once a year the two would meet to pray and talk of sacred things. Saint Gregory tells this story about their last meeting.  "As their spiritual conversation went on and the hour grew late, the holy nun said to her brother, "Please do not leave me tonight, let us go on till morning talking about the delights of the spiritual life." "Sister," he replied, "What are you saying?  I simply cannot stay outside my monastery." When she heard her brother refuse her request, the holy women joined her hands on the table and laid her head on them and began to pray. 

At this a big storm with lightening and rain began.  Saint Benedict exclaimed, "May God forgive you sister, what have you done?"  "Well," she answered, "I asked you and you would not listen so I asked my God and he did listen."  And so the brother and sister remained together all night in what turned out to be their very last conversation." Saint Scholastica died a few days later, in the year 542.

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Saint Scholastica in prayer with her brother Saint Benedict – Lorenzo Monaco 

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