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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day Seventeen - 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge - Exodus 17 - 20 - The Great Adventure A Journey Through the Bible

Day Seventeen 
Exodus 17 - 20  
By Sarah Christmyer 

Bible Time Period:  Egypt and Exodus 
You freed your people from slavery in Egypt so they could worship you. Free me from sin so I can serve and worship.  

If the question in Exodus 1 – 18 was “Who will you serve?”  then the question starting in chapter 19 might be “How will you serve?”  Israel spends a year at the base of Mt. Sinai after leaving Egypt.  During that time they meet God, they hear His voice, and they become his people. 

You will read about the Ten Commandments in chapter 20.  They are not commands that bind, as Pharaoh’s did.  They are commands that liberate.  They tell Israel how to live as redeemed people, to keep from falling back into bondage. 

Today’s Reading
Exodus 17 – 20

Today’s Question
What kind of nation does God say Israel will be,  if they obey him and keep his covenant?  (19:1-6) 

Discussion Boards Day Seventeen
Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology notes on A Kingdom of Priests, A Holy Nation  
Agape Catholic Bible Study Commentary Exodus 16:1 - 18:27
Agape Catholic Bible Study Commentary Exodus 19:1 - 20:21

The above 10-minute study was taken from the Great Adventure Bible Study for Catholics. 

For items devotional items related to the Catholic Church 

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Moses and the Ten Commandments - Rembrandt 

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