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Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 30 - 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge - Numbers 29 - 32 - The Great Adventure A Journey Through the Bible

Day 30 

Numbers 29 - 32

Bible Time Period:  Desert Wanderings 

You taught Israel to walk in faith through 40 years’ wandering in the desert:  Help me to trust in you today, O God.

Three feasts are announced in Numbers 29.  The first will later become Rosh Hashanah, a celebration of the new year.  The “holy convocation” described next is the “Day of Atonement” or Yom Kippur, an annual day set aside to atone for sins.  Finally comes the “Feast of Tabernacles” (Sukkot), a joyful festival commemorating the 40 years of wandering and the harvest.  “Tabernacles” refers not to the Tabernacle God had them build, but to the temporary booths the people lived in during the time.

Today’s  Reading
Numbers 29 – 32 

Discussion Boards Day 30
Agape Catholic Bible Study Commentary Numbers 30 - 32
Part of the above 10-minute study was taken from the Great Adventure Bible Study for Catholics. 

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