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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 58 - 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge - 1 Kings 5 - 8 Great Adventure A Journey Through the Bible

Day 58 

1 Kings 5 - 8

Bible Time Period:  Royal Kingdom 
You established a kingdom on your servant David and promised him an eternal throne:  Establish your kingdom in our midst.

Solomon's reign was characterized by the expansion of the royal government, and by a focus on massive construction that added to the fame of his kingship.  David built a sound organization for administration, (2 Sam 8:15 - 18), and Solomon expanded this structure (1 Kings 4:1-6).

The kingdom of Solomon was divided into twelve districts and the land of Judah, with local government in the hands of a provisions officer.  According to 1 Kings 4:21, Solomon ruled over a territory stretching from the upper Euphrates to the border of Egypt.  He clearly enjoyed influence in the region, using the stability of his kingdom to promote wide-ranging diplomatic and trade opportunities.  Solomon's dealing with Egypt resulted in a negotiated treaty that included Solomon's marriage to the daughter of the pharaoh (1 Kings 3:1; 7:8; 9:24).  Similar marriage were arranged with other foreign women and princesses.  The marriages reflected Solomon's diplomatic abilities, but they also introduced a corrupting religious influence into the kingdom.

Solomon's greatest accomplishment was building the Temple in fulfillment of the Davidic covenant (1Kings 8:14-21).  The ark of the covenant was placed in the holy of holies in the Temple (1 Kings 8:1-13), to show the continuity of the Davidic and Sinai covenants (1 Kings 8:21).

At the same time, Solomon perpetuated the role of covenant mediator that David had filled.  Solomon spoke with God and served in a priestly capacity, following in the footsteps of David by acting as both king and priest. (Catholic Bible Dictionary, General Editor, Scott Hahn, page 862 - 863)

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1 Kings 5 - 8 

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