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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul - June 29

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul

“In their apostolic mission, Saints Peter and Paul were obliged to face difficulties of every kind.  But, far from deterring their  missionary activity, these difficulties reinforced their zeal for the Church’s welfare and for the salvation of mankind.  They were able to overcome every trial because their trust was not based on human resources but on the grace of the Lord, who delivers his friends from every evil and saves them for his kingdom. May our holy patrons, Peter and Paul, sustain us and obtain for us that missionary zeal which made them witnesses of Christ to the ends of the then-known world.” (Saint Pope John Paul II)

On the feast of Saints Peter and Paul the Pope bestows the pallium, a white woolen garment, on all the new archbishops appointed during the current year.  The pallium, worn since the 4th century, is a sign of unity that the Bishops who receive it are in union with the Bishop of Rome and have taken on the yoke of service to Christ. 

Today as Pope Francis installed 24 new archbishops with the pallium he reminded them, to follow the example of Saints Peter and Paul and trust in God. Pope Francis said, “Our true refuge is trust in God.  Trust in God banishes all fears and sets us free from every form of slavery and all worldly temptation.”

As we celebrate the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, let us recall that before these saints were shepherds and apostles, they were sheep and disciples.  But because they made the decision to surrender control of their lives to God, He was able to do great things in them and through them. Which of course is God's greatest desire. 
God looks at us no differently. It is His greatest desire to do great things with each one of us, to make us the best of what He created us to be. He calls each one of us, whether we are an archbishop or a lay person. Jesus asks each one of us to pick up our cross and follow Him.  If we truly trust in God, He will banish our fears and do great things with and through us for the glory of His Kingdom.

Of course I am constantly reminded by my own ego that trust and surrender are not possible on my own, but with God all things are possible.  Dear Lord help me to trust you more each day. 

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