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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Holy Eucharist - Eucharistic Miracle - San Mauro la Bruca, Italy - 1969

Eucharistic Miracle
I am the Living Bread Come Down From Heaven
San Mauro la Bruca, Italy - 1969

Feast Day:  July 25

San Mauro la Bruca is a small town in the Campania region of southwest Italy. The town name derives from the patron saint of the town, Saint Maurus who was the first disciple of Saint Benedict. 

The ancient town of San Mauro likely developed around a church dedicated to Saint Maurus around 1044.  Only a few ruins of this church remains.

In 1511 a new church was completed and dedicated to Saint Euphemia.  The years took their toll of this church and presently the current parish church of San Mauro which was finished in 1885 resides over the ruins of the older churches. 

Eucharistic Miracle 

On July 25, 1969, thieves broke into the parish church of San Mauro la Bruca and stole relics and sacred objects including the golden ciborium that contained consecrated Hosts.   

The thieves sacrilegiously emptied the ciborium disposing of the Hosts in the street.  The following day a child by the name of Gerald Amato found the Hosts and took Them to his pastor Don Pasquale Allegro.  

63 Hosts were recovered.  A decree made July 25, 1970 ordered that the Hosts be kept under perpetual adoration at the church of San Mauro. 

In 1994 the Hosts underwent scientific evaluation. Bishop Biagio D'Agostino of Vallo della Lucania determined from the evaluation that the Hosts were miraculous.  Under normal circumstances the unleavened wheat flour in a host deteriorates significantly after six months.  After a few years ordinary hosts would be mostly dust.  These Hosts have remained incorrupt since 1969. 

Today they may be viewed at the Church of San Mauro, Via Roma 1 San Mauro la Bruca, Italy.

God in His mercy physically shows us at times that He is really truly present in the Holy Eucharist.  Know that even when we do not "see" the transformation of the Holy Eucharist, He is there - Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. 

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Middle triptych by Willem Moreel of Saint Christopher with Saint Maurus and Saint Giles
Picture of facade of Church of San Mauro, the relequary holding the miraculous Hosts and the interior of San Mauro - From Parish Website

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