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Monday, September 5, 2016

Saint Lorenzo Giustiniani - September 5

St. Laurence Justinian as a young man

Lorenzo Giustiniani was born into a famous Venetian family in 1381. As a child he was filled with a piety beyond his years. At the age of 19 he had a vision of Eternal Wisdom. After which he renounced all the privilege of his family and entered the religious life of the Augustinian Order of the Canons of St. George on Alga Island, just one mile from Venice. In 1404 he was ordained a priest and became the superior of the monastery. In 1433 he was named Bishop of Venice. He brought peace to numerous state quarrels and founded 15 new monasteries and many parishes. In 1450 he was elected Patriarch of Venice.

Saint Lorenzo Giustiniani was most noted for his Christian charity. He tried to foster the religious life by his sermons as well as his writings.

St. Laurence Justinian as Patriarch of Venice

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Saint Lorenzo as a young man by Bellini - Tradition in Action
Lorenzo Giustiniani by Gentile Bellini - Wikipedia 

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