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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

United State Presidential Election 2016 Corrupt and Anti Catholic - NYPD/Breitbart/WikiLeaks/Project Veritas/Church Militant

November 7, 2016 only God knows the outcome - I pray for His will.  Keep the Faith. 

November 4, 2016 (Breitbart) - News Daily with Erik Prince - Listen to Soundcloud

October 31, 2016 (Steve Pieczenik) Details regarding Democratic Party 'Fixer', Jeff Rovin


Dr. Larry Kawa was interviewed on Sean Hannity October 31, 2016.  Here was his message that he posted on his site back on April 6, 2016. I have put Dr. Kawa's videos at the beginning of this post because they are pertinent background! 

April 6, 2016 (Dr. Larry Kawa, D.D.S) Background

April 6, 2016 (Dr. Larry Kawa, D. D. S.) Hillary Failed to Classify Emails 

April 6, 2016 (Dr. Larry Kawa, D. D. S.) Hillary Criminally Violates Espionage Act

April 6, 2016 (Dr. Larry Kawa, D. D. S.) Hillary Never Had Security Clearance

April 6, 2016 (Dr. Larry Kawa, D. D. S.) Closing


I don't expect any of the above or the following to change any minds. Only the Holy Spirit has the power to do that.  This blog is just a sampling of the corruption that has been revealed during the 2016 presidential election. 

October 12, 2016 Wikileaks emails show Hillary Clinton Campaign Contempt for Catholics

October 12, 2016 Catholic World News "Clinton Campaign Sought to Stimulate 'revolution' within Catholic Church, Leaked emails show."

October 12, 2016 Catholic Herald "Clinton Campaign Chief Helped Start Catholic Organizations to create 'revolution' in the Church."

October 13 2016 Hillary Campaign Fires Back.

October 17, 2016 (Project Veritas) Rigging the Election Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies 

October 18,  2016 (Project Veritas) Rigging the Election - Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

October 18, 2016 FBI Document Dump  Rush Limbaugh transcript. 

October 24, 2016  (Project Veritas) Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Was PERSONALLY Involved

October 25, 2016 (New York Times) "We Need to Clean This Up": Clinton Aide's Newly Public Email Shows Concern by Steve Eder. 

October 26, 2016 (Zero Hedge) The Smoking Gun: Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta "We Need to Clean This Up - Obama Has Emails From Her" by Tyler Durden.

October 26, 2016 (Project Veritas) Rigging the Election - Video IV: $20K Wire Transfer From Belize Returned

October 27, 2016 (Church Militant TV) Rigged Election

October 28, 2016 (Church Militant) - FBI to Re-Open Criminal Probe Into Hillary Clinton Private Email Use

November 2, 2016 (Project Veritas) Video V - Major Hillary Donor Inside Dem Fundraiser: Blacks Are “Seriously ****ed in The Head"

November 2, 2016 (The Alex Jones Channel) Intel Officer Steve Pieczenik Talks Hillary Coup

November 3, 2016  (Project Veritas)Deborah Ross Campaign Admits to Recording Sen. Richard Burr (R) Gun Comments

November 3, 2016  (Project Veritas) Foreigner Calls Himself An "Expert" At Donating to Clinton Campaign

November 4, 2016 (Breitbart) - News Daily with Erik Prince - Soundcloud

Keep the Faith 

For devotional items related to the Catholic Faith please visit Lynn's Timeless Treasures 

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