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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Saint Darerca - March 22 - Patron of the Island of Valencia

The following is taken from Magnificat Magazine March 2012, Vol 13, No 13. 

There is a tradition that the Apostle of Irelland Saint Patrick had three sisters distinguished by their exceptional holiness.  The youngest of these, named Darerca, is to have been the mother of a large number of children (around fifteen), many of whom have become saints.  A tombstone marking what is said to be the grave of one of Darerca's sons, Limenuch, has survived to modern times near the church of Inchaguile in County Galway.  The specifics of Darerca's life have been lost to history.  One Irish hagiographer has proposed that the holy widow's name may have been derived from the Gaelic word Der-shearc, a term meaning "love of tears," in testimony to the depth of her devotional affections.  For centuries, Darerca has been venerated in Ireland on March 22, only five days after the feast day of her brother.  She is the patron saint of the Irish coastal island of Valencia, where a church was dedicated to her around 1861.  

New Advent lists Darerca's children that have become saints:   (daughters) Saint Eiche of Kilglass, Saint Lalloc of Senlis, (sons) Saint Sechnall of Dunshaughlin, St. Nectan of Killunche, Saint Auxilius of Killossey, Saint Dirmaid of Druim-corcortri, Saint Mel of Ardagh (bishop), Saint Rioc of Inisboffin (bishop), Saint Muinis of Forgney (bishop), and Saint Maelchu (bishop).  

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