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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saint Adjutor - April 30 - Invoked for Protection from Drowning

Taken from Magnificat magazine April 2013 Vol. 15, No. 2

Adjutor was a nobleman of the Normandy region of northern France.  The lord of Vernon-sur-Seine, he took the cross as a knight and went to fight in the Crusades.  He had served for seventeen years when he was taken prisoner y the Muslim Saracens.  Adjutor is said to have escaped miraculously, finding herself one night suddenly transported from his Saracen prison cell in the Middle Easy to the northern Italian city of Verona.  The chains still on his limbs were a reminder of where he had been.  Grateful to God for his newfound freedom, Adjutor entered the French monastery of Tyron.  Thereafter, feeling called to an ascetical life of solitude, he became a hermit, settling in a cell on the grounds of Vernon-sur-Seine that had formerly been his estate.  Adjutor is invoked for protection from drowning.

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