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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saint Theodore of Sykeon - April 22

Taken from Magnificat magazine April 2015, Vol 17, #2 

Theodore's mother was Mary, a prostitute, who ran a brothel and inn with her sister in Skyeon Galatia (modern Turkey).  Theodore never met his father. When Theodore was very young, a man named Stephen came to the inn to work as a cook.  Stephen's cooking was so wonderful that the women were able to make enough money running the inn to give up working as prostitutes.  Stephen took little Theodore under his wing.  He taught him to pray and to fast and to love the sacraments.  

At the age of eighteen, Theodore was ordained. He took the monastic habit and devoted himself to extreme penances, living for a time in a iron cage suspended on the wall of a cave.  Many sought his help against demons. When some of the visitors wanted to stay, Theodore built a monastery. 

In time, Theodore was elected bishop of Anastasiopolis.  His tenure was marked by many miracles of healing.  But once Theodore himself fell sick, the victim of poisoning.  For three days he lay in his room close to death.  In his agony, the Mother of God appeared to him and gave him three pills to take.  After Theodore took the medicine, he was immediately well.  He arose to give thanks to God and his Immaculate Mother.  After ten years, Theodore resigned (as bishop) in order to return to his monastery.  He served there with devotion to the end of his days.  

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