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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Saint Meriadec - June 7 (Patron of those suffering with deafness)

After receiving a good education, Meriadec, a native of France, was sent by his parents to serve as a courtier to the Frankish monarchy. He spent five years at court, remaining pure and blameless in his conduct.  Thereafter he renounced the prospect of marriage to enter holy orders.  Following his ordination to the priesthood Meriadec lived as a hermit in Stival, near Pontivy.  After leading a life of great holiness in the solitude of the wilderness, he was chosen to become bishop of Vannes in 666.  The biographer of Meriadec describes him as a faithful teacher of sound doctrine and a man of integrity and piety, vigilant in his solicitude for the flock entrusted to his care.  Meriadec's episcopate lasted about twenty years. Traditionally, he has been commemorated on June 7.  His intercession is invoked by those suffering from deafness.  (Taken from the Magnificat, June 2011, Vol 13, Number 4) 

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