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Monday, August 28, 2017

Art - Saint Mary Magdalene by Antonio Veneziano

"In contemplating this “portrait” of Mary Magdalene by Antonio Veneziano, one discerns how, in the crucible of the Most Serene Republic, the Italian genius ushered in the art of the Renaissance via a subtle alchemy of influences...

Here we see “the sinner of love” represented not as a penitent overwhelmed with remorse, but radiant in the charm of her liberated and redeemed beauty. In her left hand she holds the Gospel, the book of the Good News of salvation, source of the profound joy that illuminates her face. With her right hand, as if bearing a monstrance, she presents the vessel which contained the precious nard that served in advance for the embalming of the Body of Christ. Her free-flowing hair attests that, as a daughter of Eve, she has renounced none of her feminine splendor. Nevertheless it ripples down her shoulders in six tresses, the number which signifies imperfection and the limits of human nature ..
." (
Magnificat July cover 2011, excerpt by Pierre-Marie Dumont)

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Art Mary Magdalene by Antonio Veneziano 

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