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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice - Roe v Wade Doe v Bolton 41 Years Later - Part IV - 10th Walk For Life West Coast

We couldn't believe that they
had the nerve to come to San Francisco
Dian Harrison, President 
Golden Gate Planned Parenthood 
San Francisco Chronicle 
January 20, 2005

Walk for Life
Love Wins
Michael John Poirier

Speakers from Past Years
Each with a Great Message 

Abby Johnson

Lila Rose
Live Action

Mary Poirier
Prayer Breaks

Dr. Vansen Wong
Alternative Pregnancy Center 

Jennifer O'Neill
Hope and Healing

Though ignored by the press,
Walk For Life West Coast is
ten years and growing.

2005 7,000 walked
2006 15,000 walked
2009 30,000 walked
2011 40,000 walked
2013 55,000 walked
2014 60,000 walked

We took the following video at the
Walk for Life 2012.  At 2:02 we heard from
the other side. It is not censored. 

Walk for Life
with your eyes on Me
Do not worry
I am with you
Mercy concurs
Love wins
(Michael John Poirier, Walk for Life- Love Wins) 

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