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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 33 - 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge - Joshua 5 - 8 - The Great Adventure A Journey Through the Bible

Day 33 

Joshua 5 - 8

Bible Time Period: Conquest and Judges 
You led Israel triumphantly into the Promised Land.  They failed to teach their children, and instead did what was right in their own eyes:  Help me to keep my eyes on you and teach others what is truly right. 

Holy and eternal Father, we thank You for the indwelling of Your Spirit, He gives us circumcised hearts that can resist the temptations of sin and which are drawn to Your divine law, putting love of You and love of our fellow man above selfish desires.  We know that resisting the seduction of sin is a constant struggle.  But we also know that we have Your promise that if we are faithful that You will give us the strength to be victorious in our personal battles, just as You promised the Israelites victory over the sinful Canaanites.  Please send Your Holy Spirit to guide us in this lessons’ study of the Israelite’s renewal of their covenant sign and the victory You gave them over Jericho.  We pray in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The conquest of Canaan is to proceed strategically, with Israel striking first at Jericho and Ai.  Defeating these two towns provides access to the hill country where they can gain control of the central ridge, effectively dividing the north from the south.  As you read about Jericho, pay attention to the Lord’s battle instructions:  the ceremonies that precede battle, the order of the procession, the weapons the people are to use.

The victorious entry into the land is short-lived as disaster falls at Ai.  You may wonder why Achan’s theft is such a big deal.  These first cities and everything in them are to be “devoted to the Lord”  (6:17) – almost as the first fruits of a harvest belong to God – but by destruction.  Achan does not steal just any plunder, he steals what belongs to God and at the very outset of their mission.  This sin will affect the entire nation and is punished accordingly.  

Joshua Contents 
In this section we read about the second circumcision, a Passover celebration (5:1-12), capture of Jericho (5:15-7:26) capture of Ai (8:1-29) and renewal of the covenant (8:30-35). 

Today's Reading
Joshua 5-8

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