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Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 51 - 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge - 2 Samuel 1 -4 - The Great Adventure A Journey Through the Bible

Day 51 

2 Samuel 1 -4 

Bible Time Period:  Royal Kingdom 
You established a kingdom on your servant David and promised him an eternal throne:  Establish your kingdom in our midst.

Divine Father, You called David when he was just a boy to a unique destiny.  Through the experiences of his youth and young manhood, You formed him to be the man who would one day establish Israel as a nation among the other nations of the ancient Near East.  With Your guidance, he went from shepherding sheep to shepherding Your people Israel.  Throughout the triumphs and tragedies of his reign, David never forgot that You were Israel’s divine king and that he was Your servant and owed his loyalty and obedience to You  Give us faithful hearts like David, Lord, as we take up our journeys to fulfill the destinies You have planned for each of us.  We pray in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit Amen. (Agape Catholic Bible Study, 2 Samuel Lesson 1)

The second book of Samuel begins immediately after Saul’s death when David becomes the king of Judah.  The book can be divided into three parts.  Part 1 covers chapters 1:1-11-1 and deals with David’s triumphs in driving out the last of Israel’s enemies and in consolidating his rule over the twelve tribes of Israel to become Israel’s king with Jerusalem as his capital.  Part 2, chapters 11:2 – 20:26, deals with David’s struggles and tragedies within his nation and within his family.  Part 3, is an appendix consisting of several stories from David’s outlaw period to his years as Israel’s king.  The book ends with David’s offer of self-sacrifice to save his people from the wrath of God and with the building of God’s holy altar on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem.  

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2 Samuel 1 - 4

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