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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 71 - 90 Day Bible Reading Challenge - Nehemiah 1 - 4 Great Adventure A Journey Through the Bible

Day 71 

Nehemiah 1 - 4 

Bible Time Period: Return
You brought the exiles back to Canaan; they rebuilt the Temple and Jerusalem and were taught once more from your Law:  Rebuild my broken heart and life as I return to you.

The Book of Nehemiah is set in the fifth century BC and tells the story of a Jewish exile named Nehemiah who made it his mission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and to restore the city to its former greatness.  

Originally, the Hebrew text of Nehemiah was joined to the book of Ezra to form one continuous story.  

Nehemiah wrote to record his own work in restoring the defenses of Jerusalem and implementing social and religious reforms in the city.  The book does not just present historical records; it shows the development of the ideal religious community among the Jews who returned from exile and centered their worship in the Temple.  Through the reforms of Ezra and Nehemiah, the restored Jewish community affirmed itself as the true inheritor of Israel's covenant identity in the midst of a hostile Gentile world. (Catholic Bible Dictionary, General Editor Scott Hahn, page 645- 646) 

Today's Reading
Nehemiah 1 - 4 

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Nehemiah Views the Ruins of Jerusalem's Walls - Gustave Dore  

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