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Friday, September 16, 2016

Sts Cornelius and Cyprian - September 16

"His successor Fabian having perished in the brutal Diocletian persecution, Cornelius was elected bishop of Rome in 251 with the almost-certain knowledge that he would die a martyr's death.  In 252, the plaque entered Rome, and the Romans blamed the disease and resulting pestilence on the Christians.  As punishment, Cornelius was exiled to Civitavecchia.  Letters of support and appreciation came to him from Cyprian, the bishop of Carthage.  "Whichever of us shall be first taken hence, let our charity persevere in never-ceasing prayer to the Father for our brothers and sister."  Cornelius was martyred in 253, Cyprian in 258.  Their prayers are still invoked in the canon of the Mass."  (Excerpt from the Magnificat Friday 16, 2016)

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