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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saint Dominic Cam - March 11 (November 24)

The Vatican estimates the number of Vietnamese martyrs who died during the years 1740 to 1883 to be between 130,000 and 300,000.  Pope John Paul II canonized those whose names were known and unknown and gave them a single feast day on November 24.  

Saint Dominic Cam was one of those whose name was known.  His feast day is on November 24, but he died on March 11, 1859. 

The following is taken from Magnificat Magazine March 2011, Vol 12, No. 13 - 

As a child, Dominic Cam, of Cam Chuong, Vietnam, frequented the local residence of the missionary priests, the place that the people referred to as "the house of God."  He resolved to join the ranks of the missionaries, entering a seminary and receiving ordination to the priesthood.  Father Cam also became a Third Order Dominican.  Over the many years that he served the Catholics of his native Vietnam, he earned the esteem of those who knew him.  the persecution of Vietnamese Catholics under the Emperor Tu Duc (1848-1862) compelled Father Cam to go into hiding.  He continued his priestly ministry in secret, frequently venturing out to administer the sacraments.  At length, Father Cam was arrested and imprisoned in a cage.  His prolonged incarceration provided him with the opportunity to continue his apostolic labors by ministering to the many Catholics who visited him.  When he was brought into court, Father Cam avowed his identity as a Catholic priest and told the judges that he was prepared to undergo any suffering rather than trample upon the cross as the pagans were demanding of him.  On March 11, 1859, he was beheaded.   

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