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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Saint Leobinus of Chartres - March 14 - Saint Invoked Against Edema

Leibinus was a peasant from the region of Poltiers in France. He wanted to enter a monastery, but he did not know how to read.  Leibinus asked a monk to print the letters of the alphabet on his belt so that he could learn them.  Finally he was able to enter the monastery at Noailles.  Later he was moved to a monastery in Lyons. Shortly after this move, the monastery was attacked by marauding Franks.  Leibinus was tortured in order to get information about any treasure housed at the monastery.  He refused to give out the information and was left for dead.  Leibinus recovered and eventually was made bishop of Chartres.  In life and in death, Leibinus was known as a miracle worker.  (Excerpt from Magnificat March 2017 Vol 18, No 13, page 192). 

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